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Volunteering For The School Garden Project

Volunteering For The School Garden Project

Clear Lake Elementary School

Did you know that we support the School Garden Project?

Our Eugene’s Alternative office volunteers every year for the School Garden Project of Lane County out at Clear Lake Elementary School.  This year we weeded the raised vegetable beds, pruned plants and amended the soil by adding mulch so the dirt is ready for the children and their Spring planting.


Clear Lake Kudos From the Principal


We had a blast this year! Everyone pitched in and we finished with time to spare.  It’s a great way to reach out and help in our community plus it gets us back to our roots.  🙂 It feels good to get our hands in the dirt.  Knowing we are making a great growing place for all the vegetables that will be tended.


Here we are with Chris Sharpe from the School Garden Project of Lane County.  Left to right-Ingvar Thompson, Lorraine Carabajal, Tawnya Madsen, Marisa Fox, Todd Cranmer and Billy Clotere.






Last year was especially fun.  We found baby potatoes and tiny onions hiding under the weeds.  They had wintered over from the year before. Bounty from the gardens can be enjoyed all year round.


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