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Urban Farmers~What Animals Can I have?

Urban Farmers~What Animals Can I have?







Eugene Codes allow for increased opportunities for residential urban animal keeping and farming within the city limits, while encouraging compatibility within the urban environment. Animal keeping is the practice of raising domesticated animals that are used primarily as food or product sources. These standards are intended to improve the way animals are cared for, while increasing the likelihood that neighbors will accept your property uses and food choices

Types of Animals Allowed

If the property is less than 20,000 square feet in area, any two of the following four categories of animals are allowed:

Chickens and Domestic Fowl (quails, pheasants, ducks, pigeons, and doves). Up to 6, over six months of age and 6 under six months of age. No roosters, geese, peacocks, or turkeys allowed.

Rabbits. Up to 6 over six months of age and 6  under six months of age.







3. Miniature Goats (pygmy, dwarf, and,miniature goats). Up to 3 provided that males are neutered.







4. Miniature Pig. One up to 150 pounds.






Can I have Honey Bee Hives?

Yes, if the development site is less than 20,000 square feet in area, you can have up to three hives as long as they are located at least 5 feet from all property lines, pointed toward the center of the property, and a water source must be provided on site within 15 feet of each hive.

Do I Have to Live on Site?

The person responsible for keeping an animal must reside on or adjacent to the property the animal is kept. There is an exception for school and religious uses.

Where are Farm Animals Allowed?

Farm Animals are allowed in the following zones:

  • Public Land (PL)
  • Agriculture (AG)
  • Residential (R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4)
  • Chase Node (S-C/HDR/MU & S-C/HDR
  • Downtown Westside (S-DW)
  • Elmira Rd (S-E)
  • Royal Node (S-RN/LDR & S-RN/MDR)
  • Whiteaker (S-W)

Zoning Map

You may have Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R’s) that may be more restrictive than these standards. You can obtain a copy of them CC&R’s from Lane County Deeds and Records, your active homeowners association, or your landlord.

How to Be a Good Neighbor

It is best to inform neighbors in advance and be proactive about your urban animal keeping intentions. Letting neighbors know that you are aware of the regulations regarding the keeping of urban animals is recommended. Let neighbors know that you intend to be a good neighbor and that concerns will be addressed in a timely manner.

For more information Contact City of Eugene.

Original Article City Of Eugene


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