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Our excellent reputation is built on our clients’ experiences. We get lots of great feedback. The testimonials below offer just a smattering of what they have to say about our staff and services.

If you’d like to read more of our client comments, let us know.

We’ll be happy to share them with you. We’re always glad to offer references too. If you want to offer your feedback or recommend our services to others, feel free to contact us.

(Billy) Everything was very helpful!  Keep up what your doing!  Keep up the constant updates on listings and making viewings a fast and simple process!

–Briana Earley

Marisa was very patient as we took our time looking and making the right choices for us.  Thank you again.

–Shanen Sheeley & Paul Wurster

Stephan helped our whole family over the course of two years to find our homes.  Patient, reliable, knowledgeable – great person, great company!  Many thanks we are so happy in our new home.

–D & E Ressler

(Stephan) Had your full attention.  You were always available, considerate and kind!  I can’t think of anything to improve you were perfect!  Love you- Thanks so much for working so well with our wack family.

–Anne Hardy

We really liked Pam’s willingness to point out issues with the houses (as well as positive things!)  She was very frank and we learned a lot from the whole experience.  She was totally willing to tell us NOT to buy a house, and we ended up with the nicest house that we saw!  It’s clear Pam is very experienced and has good connections with businesses in town.  She was able to get things done.

–Andrew Morris and Kiya Riverman

Tawnya went out of her way to be sure we Knew everything about a property and helped us find a loan when others said it would be impossible!  You where Awesome Tawnya!  We trusted your opinions and advice.  Your experience and expertise made finding our home easy.  Thank you!!

–Pam and Dendro Corrid

Tawnya was amazing!  She answered our texts anytime day or night, she made time to show us properties all over Lane county.  We were very specific about what we needed and she not only helped us find many properties that we would be interested in, but she also helped us secure a loan that worked with the property we loved.  Tawnya was incredibly helpful and was a reliable source for information.  She went out of her way to look into questions we had about zoning laws, water rights, land slide issues on properties and more.  We couldn’t have gotten our home without her.  I recommend Eugene’s Alternative for anyone who wants to find the right spot without all the heartache!  Thanks again, Tawnya!

–Pamela Alama

(Pam is) Upfront, realistic, positive attitude, always found me answers to questions throughout whole process.  Super helpful & compassionate & understanding.

–Kathryn Reeder


What should I start doing?  Nothing else you were great Billy would use you again.  Very patient with us.  What should I continue doing?  Being so available that’s great.  You were always there for us.

–Ray and Juliet St. Cyr

Pam has always been knowledgeable, honest and pleasant to entrust with our hopes.  We felt we where in great hands throughout the whole process.  Thank you for the great experience.

–Peter & Elisabeth Crockett

Pat is a dream to work with , watching for the perfect property for us.  Once we found it, she communicated beautifully with us so we always knew the process was on time and moving forward.  Many thanks!

–Joanne & Micheal Smith

Pam was attentive, diligent and worked with the end result in mind.  Thank you Pam!

–Steve Rose

You made my house purchase very easy, very stress free.  Any concerns I had were quickly taken care of.  I couldn’t be happier with the way this purchase went.  Considering my needs as a house shopper.  Tawnya was the perfect realtor. Thanks.

–Dennis Kelley

What did you like about your agent and experience with us?  Efficiency & speed with which she (Tawnya) got everything scheduled for us.  Overall it was a great experience- we got the property we wanted against stiff competition.

–Hannah Porton & Matthew Carr

( Billy) You were wonderful.  Professional, thoughtful, and thorough.  If you don’t have a degree in psychology I’M shocked.  Thank you for talking me down from hysteria several times.

–Kerby Dymoke / Lou Ann Kreutzer

Pam was very nice and respectful of my family and our purchasing arrangement.  Marisa was very helpful!  Overall I am very satisfied with our experience and am glad I chose Eugene’s Alternative Realtors.  Thank you all!

–Latisha Malone

We had an Exceptional experience.  Todd has gone above & beyond what we expected , and we would not own a home if not for his efforts.  Being out of state, and so far away would usually make buying a home in our limited time span impossible.  With Todd not only was it possible it was efficient and painless.  The service was exceptional.  We would definitely recommend Todd to anyone buying a home in Eugene.

–Pendar Paul Madavi & Alison Kyra Carter

He (Todd) was always available to answer questions.  Everything was smooth and easy.  Thanks for everything I will be recommending you to others.

–Jenna Langar


Would you recommend us to friends?  Yes  What should I (Billy)  start doing?  Don’t Change

— Gene Andueza


What should I start doing?  Nothing!  You ( Billy ) are awesome  What should I stop doing?  Nothing!  No complaints  What should I continue doing?  Explaining thoroughly and patiently 🙂

–Marie Fisher


What did you like about your agent and experience with us?  (Tawnya’s)  Eagerness, great communication, focus, Experience!  What can we improve?  Nothing?  Everything was excellent!

–Micheal & Anja

Everything about Eugene’s Alternative felt completely genuine.  I never doubted your motives.  I would highly recommend Tawnya to new home buyers and experienced.

–Rowan Lowden


Pat is a dream to work with , watching for the perfect property for us.  Ounce we found it, she communicated beautifully with us so we always knew the process was on time and moving forward.  Many thanks!

–Joanne & Micheal Smith

I was very impressed with Pat’s thoroughness and punctuality.  I never had to wait for anything and she very often anticipated my needs.  (I was) Also impressed with her professionalism. Buying and selling a house is a very complex process.  I can’t Imagine doing it without a Realtor and Pat is one of the best.

— Barbara A. Maier

Tawnya was excellent.  She went out of her way for us so that we could make our purchase in a very short time frame.  Very professional, timely, easy to work with and great at her job.

–Paula & Pete Tomczak

Todd was very gracious and very thorough.  He was on top of his game when we didn’t know what to do.  Excellent worker.  Thank you for all your help.  It was quite a life changing adventure , we couldn’t do on our own.

–Sharon and Dan Reeve

To be honest, having used 5 different realtors in my life, [Billy is] by for the best.  [He] exceeded all expectations.  [He was] personable, diligent, helpful, pleasant, authentic, honest, flexible, fun, and knowledgeable about the real estate process.

–David and Maya Ray

Pam and everyone at Eugene’s Alternative were amazingly helpful and patient throughout the entire selling and buying process.

–Michael Nixon

Billy was outstanding.  He was kind and courteous and followed up with every question and request quickly and thoroughly.  His experience and expertise was great!

–Rene St. Cyr

Tawnya went above and beyond what any other agent might have.  She took videos of a house, worked up 3 deals, and met inspectors and fence builders.  This particular move was the most difficult of my life for many reasons.  Tawnya made the house purchase so easy that I never had to worry about a thing where the house was concerned.

–Sherie Maddox

Billy’s thoroughness and willingness to go the extra distance was awesome.  Very punctual.  (What can we improve?) Not sure, we think you [he] did great… maybe [he] could’ve bought the house and just gifted it to us?

–Justin & Shannon Schott-Lanphear

I would not have gotten my property if Tawnya had not been so quick to respond to my inquiry.  I very much appreciated Tawnya’s support and knowledge.  I was tired from such a long move and she kept me on track!

–Diane Zumer

My experience with my realtor, Billy, was incredibly personable.  He heard my needs and educated me on the big picture of buying a home.  Working with Eugene’s Alternative Realtors is the way to go- down to earth, local, brilliant!

–Jennifer Ferraez

Pat is a professional and showed this every step of the way.  I was very comfortable with her and she had the patience of a saint with me.

–Margaret E Graham

Tawnya was professional, thorough, patient, and personable.  [She] found us the perfect house.  Yay!

–Chris Williams and Deena Berg

My experience with Eugene’s Alternative has been great.  I really enjoyed working with Pam and Billy.  They were so helpful finding me the home. Pam was so nice and took me in her car to look at any home I wanted.  Her honesty and professionalism was awesome.

–Eric Avelar

Pat really invested herself in my needs as a home buyer.  Buying a home is a very personal experience and Pat was sensitive and really caring given my complicated circumstances.  Pat Stacey is more than a Realtor.  I could trust her advice and support completely because I know she has a high level of integrity and that she really wants the best for me.  Thanks Pat!


Billy was knowledgeable, patient, and paid great attention to detail.  He helped us in every way possible even with local contractors.

–Gail and Karen

It was a true pleasure working with Todd Cranmer.  You guys are truly wonderful team to work with.  I really liked your professional way of handling this sale.

–Farrukh Raza

Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. The contact was a plus. We liked knowing what was going on. It was a pleasure doing business with you, Pam.  Thank you for everything.

–Gordon Tompkins

Tawnya is amazing! Very accommodating and quick to respond. She’s always available to help and has a great personality.  We recommend her often.

–Clint and Kelly Foley

Stephan was a great pleasure to work with & he always had our best interests in mind. He is very dedicated, supportive and found us our perfect home in a short amount of time. We will be recommending Eugene’s Alternative Realtor and Stephan Andreson to everyone we know! Thank you for the amazing experience!

–Tracy Martindale

Pat was consistently responsive and came to me while I was out of town for last minute signatures.

–Happy Client

Todd was not pushy at all and was very helpful in providing us with lots of information. He was available whenever we needed him. We were very pleased with Todd as our realtor and we have recommended him to friends, family and colleagues.

–Paula Spriggs

Pam was outstanding!!! We could not have had a better agent. She is quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable. I can’t imagine navigating the market without her. Before we even knew we were moving to Eugene and were just visiting the town, Pam welcomed us and took us around to get to know the homes and area. After we moved she patiently helped us find the perfect place and we couldn’t be happier. We have bought and sold homes before and can truly say Pam is the best. We would highly recommend her and Todd (who was extremely helpful when Pam was on vacation). Truly, many thanks for all you did to help make Eugene home for us Pam!!!

–Karl & Sondra Stegenga

Tawnya found a buyer that was good. What I appreciated the most was her effort to get contractors, inspectors, ect. on the job quickly so that closing was done in a timely manner. Thanks, great job.

–Mitchell and Stephanie

We are completely satisfied with the way our agent (Billy Clotere) handled every aspect of being there for us. He put his care for the client above anything, being available both in person and on the phone whenever we needed him. Excellent Realtor!

–Kevin & Angelika

Pat has been a joy to work with She is the very definition of “Professional”! This was a truly challenging transaction. Pat and Todd kept their cool through the process which seemed designed to try men’s souls!

–Darryl & Andy

We appreciated Stephan for the friendly, professional service and quick response times. Thank you!!

–Will Dixon, AIA

We found Pat to be professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, easy to work with and always available. But totally rocking as well! She made an otherwise scary and stressful venture easy and even fun.

She held our hand through all aspects of the house buying process. She even met with the inspectors on our behalf, as we live out of town. Pat covered all the bases, watched out for our interests, and was by our side from the beginning of our search to the day we sat down to sign the escrow papers.

I have worked with 6 other Realtors and I have never before experienced such wonderful treatment. Your company is a great alternative, especially Pat.

–Rushiko Nishikuni & Margot Hale

We enjoyed the friendly, experienced broker we worked with at Eugene’s Alternative. We plan on recommending your company to all of our friends and family. Thank you Billy Clotere for taking care of us and handling everything right up to closing while keeping us informed on everything.

–James Stein

Tawnya was eager to help, worked hard to intuit our needs, and was prompt to answer our calls and texts. She worked well with seller’s agent to get us what we wanted. Long distance moves can be a nightmare, but Tawnya made things easy with her responsiveness. She was a joy to collaborate with.

–Ruth & Dan

We appreciated Todd’s positive, professional service. The right amount of communication and above-board negotiating skills; we were well represented.

–Mark & Judy Clark

Pat was professional, kind and eager to accommodate. You’re wonderful, thank you.

— Gerald & Ruth

Straight forward, no-nonsense approach. Good advice on pricing and decision-making.

–Jeff Edmundson & Eddy Shuldman

Pam – you are a rock star & so is Tawnya. Your commitment to sticking with us through the years, with patience & friendliness will be something that stays with us for a lifetime.

–Steven & Amanda Sutphen

What is not to like about Pat? We absolutely loved her – And I’ll admit – I kind of miss her. I considered your help to be perfect. Thank you for everything <3.

–Denise, time, Caelan & Samara

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