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What It Means to Be a Good Neighbor   Ninety-nine percent of Americans say they’re a good neighbor, finds a new survey by the Community Associations Institute, a community association governance and education group. What is a good neighbor? Being quiet, friendly, respecting your neighbor’s privacy, and cleaning up after

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Appraiser Shortage Sparks Sales Delays   The number of appraisers is rapidly shrinking, which is causing delays in closings and possibly even costing your buyers and sellers money on their way to settlement, CNBC reports. Since 2007, the percentage of appraisers has fallen by 22 percent, according to the Appraisal

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Study: Outdoor Projects Pay Back at Resale Home owners may want to focus more of their remodeling dollars on boosting curb appeal. Outdoor remodeling projects not only offer some of the highest returns at resale, they can also increase the happiness of home owners who are staying put in their

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