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‘I Voted’ Stickers Have Real Estate Connection Those white “I voted” stickers people received at the polls Tuesday have an apparent tie to real estate. The Phoenix Association of REALTORS® claims that they originally came up with the idea for the non-partisan stickers in 1985, according to WKYC.com in Milwaukee. At the

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A Perk for Owners Near Football Stadiums For home owners who live near popular college football towns, they may be able to recoup up to 70 percent of their monthly home ownership costs by renting out their home on game days for just one night, shows a new analysis. The

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Homes For Sale: Ghosts Included Some home sellers and real estate professionals are using Halloween to market the “haunted home” reputation of their listing. And for fodder, here are some of the spookiest listings for sale across the country, according to TopTenRealEstateDeals.com: Haunted mansion: A remodeled 5,000-square-foot home featuring five

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