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Housing Nightmare: Prevent Freezing Pipes When it gets cold outside, a home’s water pipes may be at risk. That’s because when water freezes, it expands. That can cause pipes to burst. And that could cause a basement to flood. It could ruin drywall too. In the end, homeowners could be

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Lead Poisoning Linked to Seller-Financed Deals Lead paint in aging and poorly maintained homes remains one of the largest sources of lead poisoning, and the growth of seller-financed housing contracts may be exacerbating the problem, The New York Times reports. Investment companies have purchased thousands of foreclosed homes across the

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Peering into the Future of Housing: Predictions for 2017 WalletHub recently announced its 10 financial predictions for 2017, forecasting several economic to-bes in the coming year. Many have implications for housing, including: Two Rate Hikes WalletHub is seeing double in 2017, pegging the Federal Reserve to raise the key rate

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