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Renovations Uncover Secrets Behind Walls Homeowners are finding that as they renovate and walls are removed, they’re uncovering tokens from the home’s past. They’ve found everything from ritual objects placed behind the walls to ward off evil spirits to time capsules with notes enclosed for future owners to find. Michelle

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The Noises That Are a Blow to Home Prices Airplanes buzzing overhead, trains roaring by, or that bustling 24-hour supermarket can all take a toll on your property value. But, by how much? Realtor.com®’s data team analyzed nine major noise factors and then calculated the price difference between homes within

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Housing Shortages Abound Here In many markets, there are just not enough homes for sale to meet buyer demand. “More than two-thirds of the markets are seeing less inventory now compared to a year ago,” says Jonathan Smoke, realtor.com®’s chief economist. “Tight credit and limited new construction are clearly at play.” Realtor.com®’s

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