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Luxury Owners Go to Extreme for Safety From high-resolution security cameras to concrete walls and even safe rooms, some luxury homeowners are taking the idea of home security to a new level. The Wall Street Journal says high-end homeowners are adopting “James Bond-esque” security measures to combat potential burglars, kidnappers,

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“Could You Amortize My Escrow?” A Translation Guide for the First-Time Homeowner How are you supposed to make informed decisions if you can’t make sense of the information being presented to you? It’s a tall task to get up to speed with all of the potential phrases your real estate

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All-Cash Sales Falling Nationwide All-cash sales are on the decline, accounting for 32.4 percent of total home sales in November 2016, down 4.5 percentage points year over year, according to CoreLogic’s most recent housing data. That’s a significant drop from January 2011, when cash sales were at their peak: a

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