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10 Ways to Make Your Home an Oasis of Calm

10 Ways to Make Your Home an Oasis of Calm

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1. Opt for solids and subtle patterns. Busy patterns have their place, but if you’re aiming for calm, then solid fabrics are your friends.

2. Bring in natural materials. Natural elements bring a calming energy that is beneficial in every room. Choose from woven baskets, natural-fiber rugs, unvarnished wood and natural collections of all kinds.

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3. Use restful hues. This will mean cool, watery blues and greens for some. But cool colors aren’t the only hues that can have a restful influence — if blues aren’t your cup of tea, try muted shades of rose, taupe, peach or mocha.

4. Use plenty of closed storage. Visual noise is anything you can see that stresses you out — reduce this, and your space will immediately feel calmer. Use closed cupboards, drawers and closets to hide most of your belongings, and be discerning about what you choose to keep on display

5. Get the light right. Natural light is always preferable to artificial, so during daylight hours keep window treatments open — or, if an unattractive view is an issue, opt for sheer curtains that let the light in.

6. Hide your tech. Nobody wants to stare at a tangle of cords.

7. Soothe with the sound of water. A softly burbling fountain can bring the sound of nature to a city apartment, add a soothing soundtrack to your garden and mask the sounds of noisy neighbors.

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8. Carve out some breathing space. Whether you use the space to meditate, do yoga or just sit and take a few deep breaths, having a space where you can get away from the bustle of daily life is worth the effort.

9. Create an outdoor sanctuary. To design an outdoor space that is calming and restful, think about incorporating privacy, lush plants, good smells and pleasing textures

10. Be choosy about the little things. Make it a goal to have less stuff overall but more things you love.


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